Invited Speaker
Assoc. Prof. Junhao Geng

Assoc. Prof. Junhao Geng

School of Mechanical Engineering, Northwestern Polytechnical University, China
Speech Title: Intelligent Connection: Industrial Augmented Reality Technology for Multi-scale Electrical Wiring Interconnection Systems

Abstract: Electrical Wiring Interconnection Systems (EWIS) with scales ranging from 100m to 1mm are the nerves of large and complex electromechanical products vital to their regular operation. The connecting process of EWIS has been highly dependent on manual work, with low efficiency, poor quality consistency, high labor intensity for observation and inspection, and high skill requirements for personnel. Using emerging intelligent technologies, we proposed industrial augmented reality (IAR) technology for the intelligent connection of multi-scale EWIS. Utilizing the advantages of virtual-real fusion and spatial registration, we used a multi-sensor integration method to assist in large-scale cable laying that even can exceed 50m, used high-precision industrial cameras and intelligent positioning fixtures to assist in connecting electrical connectors with dimensions even less than 1mm, used a markerless 6 DOF 3D object tracking method to assist in medium scale wire connection. We developed the EWIS intelligent connection system based on IAR. This system can achieve a wire path registration accuracy of 1mm/m, an electrical connector socket positioning accuracy of 0.1mm, an automatic inspection accuracy of 99.9% for pin crimping quality, and an automatic inspection accuracy of 99% for pin misalignment and missing installation. The application results show that EWIS intelligent connection system can help operators to complete connection operations with high efficiency, high quality, and low labor intensity without wiring diagrams, wiring tables, and magnifying glasses. Data comparison shows that this system is ahead of Boeing’s Skylight system and Safran’s Diota system in terms of systematicness, adaptability, professionalism, and industrial accuracy.

Biography: Doctoral supervisor; visiting scholar of the University of Alberta, Canada; director of Institute of Intelligent Factory Adaptive Manufacturing, School of Mechanical Engineering, Northwestern Polytechnical Universitysenior; chief scientist of Shaanxi Province Qinchuangyuan advanced ADB intelligent manufacturing; advanced member of CMES, professional member of CCF, member of IEEE; reviewer of IJPR, IEEE TII and other journals.
Eengaged in the research and development of intelligent manufacturing technology for complex products such as aircraft, aero engines, rail transit and ships. Areas of interest include Industrial Augmented Reality Theory and Technology, Computer Vision and Intelligent Manufacturing, Complex Industrial Augmented Reality System.
Undertaken 8 national-level research projects such as the National Natural Science Foundation of China, as well as more than 10 engineering projects. Published over 50 papers (12 SCI indexed papers, 3 top journal papers) in IJPR, CII and other famous journals or influential international conferences. Won 3 provincial and ministerial science and technology progress awards. Developed the first open industrial AR internet platform( ).